Precision Accelerometer sensors providing a complete ready to go solution for measurements of acceleration in 3-axis for both static and dynamic applications.

The wireless Accelerometer (ACL500) is a precision 3-axis sensor to measure both dynamic acceleration (i.e. vibration) and static acceleration (i.e. gravity). With a range of ± 16G (± 156.91 m/s2), the sensor transmits data wirelessly to a DataLITE interface.

The wired Accelerometer (ACL300) is ideal for multiple research applications as it comes with selectable low pass filter settings standard at 100Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz. We are pleased to produce custom units with different combinations of low pass filter settings at your request.

Wired Accelerometer (SG-1000G-HA)

Accelerometer (±1000G)

The (S3-1000G-HA) Accelerometer is more commonly used for industrial vibrations as the range is 100 times more than the ACL300.

Accelerometer Features

  • 3 independent axes - X, Y, Z
  • Variable full scale measuring range
  • 3 levels of adjustable frequency response
  • 8th order anti-aliasing filter on each channel with user selectable corner frequencies
  • Low impedance outputs for excellent noise performance
  • Non critical input power requirements
  • Electronic calibration adjustments giving high stability under vibration and over time
  • Signal conditioning electronics housed in a separate small enclosure allowing for miniaturization of the accelerometer probe
  • Easy interface to many other data acquisition systems

Bandwidth Limiting (Cut-Off) Filters

Each channel of both models of accelerometer are fitted with an 8th order 1.2 elliptic filter with user selectable cut-off frequencies. This provides the optimum compromise between pass-band ripple and roll-off steepness; 60 dB of rejection is achieved at 1.2 times the selected corner frequency. The filter on the ACL300 has 3 values, and the filter on the S3-1000G-HA has 5 values. These are selected by positioning a simple switch within the accelerometer interface unit.

The following table shows the possible set corner frequencies and the recommended sampling frequency set within the DataLINK or DataLOG to avoid anti aliasing according to the Nyquist Sampling Theorem.

  Bandwidth Minimum Sampling Frequency
per channel of DataLINK or DataLOG
ACL300 DC to 100Hz 200Hz
DC to 500Hz 1000Hz
DC to 1000Hz 2500Hz
S3-1000G-HA DC to 312Hz 1000Hz
DC to 625Hz 1250Hz
DC to 1250Hz 2500Hz
DC to 2500Hz 5000Hz
DC to 5000Hz 10000Hz