E-LINK for Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injury is probably the most devastating orthopedic injury that a person can suffer from. With the development of modern medicine and technology the likelihood of surviving such injury is greatly improving and therefore rehabilitation for these patients has an increasingly important role. Multidisciplinary teams work towards a patient focused service and rehabilitation is based around patient centered goals.

For over two decades E-LINK has been an invaluable supportive resource for clinicians seeking to address these goals in spinal injuries rehabilitation.

  • Occupational therapists generally address upper extremity dysfunction and difficulties in activities of daily living. There is great emphasis on strengthening/endurance and ROM/stretching exercises for each spinal injury patient either in a group or on an individual basis
  • E-LINK is the ideal system providing specialized, scientific tools for occupational therapists to undertake precise evaluation of the hand and upper limb and carry out treatment objectives with innovative exercise tools, closely monitoring progress over time
  • Physiotherapy is a key component of the rehabilitation process and physiotherapists typically focus on lower extremity function, muscle strengthening and on difficulties with mobility
  • E-LINK offers weight-bearing balance evaluation and training for both the lower and upper extremities, encouraging normal movement patterns and muscle strengthening whilst also addressing proprioception, motor control and balance