Two ForcePlates

The Two ForcePlates system (DFP2) is designed to accurately and objectively assess a patient's ability to maintain postural stability on a static surface, but only in a single-axis.

The position of the ForcePlates in the BaseFrame may be varied to accommodate different stances from pediatrics to adults. Placing the two ForcePlates front and back permits evaluation and exercise for a single limb where there is need to differentiate weight-bearing between the heel and toes.

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DFP2 Includes

  • 2 ForcePlates
  • 1 BaseFrame
  • Two cables for connecting two ForcePlates to the X4 InterX Unit

DFP2 Requirements

DFP2 ForcePlates are available as a wired connection only to a computer.

  • Wired - InterX Unit

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