Wireless E-LINK

Allow for greater portability and ease of use for the clinician, with the new wireless E-LINK range of products. Ideal for use by the bedside, in a clinic or community setting.

Wireless Dongle

The new wireless dongle enables E-LINK to be used as a complete stand-alone wireless system. Alternatively, wireless E-LINK can be incorporated into existing wired E-LINK systems used by thousands of customers worldwide. More information about E-LINK combinations can be found by clicking here.

A Dongle can communicate with up to 5 wireless E-LINK sensors – for example, a Myo-EX sensor, AngleX sensor and 3 Adaptors.

Wireless Adaptor

Up to 5 modules can be connected to a Dongle using a wireless Adaptor:

Wireless AngleX

AngleX sensors respond to active joint movement – even as little as 5 degrees – and combined with E-LINK Activities, provide focused exercise against gravity. The small sensor is used for small hand joints and the larger sensor for larger body joints.

  • Large AngleX (NC6) sensor allows the user to easily change from one plane of movement to another without having to reposition the sensor. For example – changing from forearm rotation exercise to elbow flexion/extension exercise requires changing the checkbox in the assessment screen rather than repositioning the actual sensor
  • Small AngleX (NC5) sensor is tethered to the large sensor, keeping the sensor as lightweight as possible to avoid undue pressure on painful joints.
  • The patient can exercise even when at some distance from the computer screen which is particularly beneficial for shoulder or leg exercise

The AngleX sensors are part of the wireless Exercise Kit.

Wireless Myo-EX

Highly sensitive Myo-EX (GX5) sensors use surface EMG for inspiring exercise, beginning from when there is the tiniest flicker of voluntary muscle activity, with or without visible joint movement. The same sensor can be used throughout the full spectrum of muscular activity and rehabilitation, even to that of the professional athlete.

  • Biofeedback is immediate to the patient and muscular exercise is focused through playing gradable innovative E-LINK Activities

The Myo-EX sensor is part of the wireless Exercise Kit.